HiPo® Student Program

An acceleration program for ambitious students

A program that breeds

future leaders

Are you an A student who wants to take your college application to the next level? Are you a natural leader? Do you have dreams to change the world?

The High-Potential (HiPo®) Student Program is a one-of-a-kind acceleration program that empowers students to unlock their full leadership potential through various opportunities in career development. 

The first online internship

for high school students

When it comes to internships for high school students in the region, we found that we fall quite short of the international standard. This is why we’ve created the HiPo Program – to give students a chance to work remotely with us at IVA, a growing edtech startup, to gain valuable experience and practical knowledge on entrepreneurship in the tech sector. 

Student are encouraged to select their own roles – from marketing and business development to financial analysis and web development.

Program Benefits

What will you get out of it?

free access to all study tools

That’s right. As a HiPo, you are entitled to free and unlimited access to all courses, practice tests, learning documents, and more. We want to ensure your academic excellence and help you get into your dream school!

free career assessment report

You will receive a comprehensive career assessment report that recommends college majors and job occupations based on your personality, interests, work style, and ambitions – followed by a walkthrough with your mentor.

free leadership workshops

HiPos get priority access to all of our workshops – both virtual and in-person. For those living in Kuwait, we have partnered up with Toastmasters International to give you the Youth Leadership Program at our training center.

unparalleled internship experience

This is probably the best part. HiPos join the IVA team as interns who contribute directly to the development of the platform through various business activities, allowing them to get a feel for the real world of business and entrepreneurship.

How it Works

Application Process & Beyond


submit your application

HiPo Students are carefully selected from a pool of talented applicants. We take into account both grades and leadership qualities equally when making a decision. Our simple two-step selection process involves an online application and interview.


select your role & responsibility

HiPos are empowered to design their leadership role by selecting from a wide range of responsibilities such as peer counseling, assisting educators, directing social groups, and more.


Reap the rewards!

HiPos get free access to all the services on IVA, meaning unlimited learning potential and better grades. Moreover, IVA Mentors will guide them weekly on college applications, internship opportunities, and personal development goals.

Visit the HiPo® Portal

Learn more about the program and apply through the link below.