About our Educators

Passionate, forward-thinking subject matter experts

Innovating with the

right tools & teams

Our educators share an innate passion for teaching and understand the importance of technological integration in an increasingly digital world. 

We believe in education reform, starting with empowering our educators to excel in a digital age. That’s why we’ve built a set of tools that allows our educators ultimate flexibility in building courses, scheduling sessions, and managing students. 

What makes our educators


full time team members

Other local platforms connect students with freelance tutors, thereby compromising the quality of their service. Our IVA educators undergo an extensive screening process and are handpicked to deliver the highest standard of education internationally. 

trendy and tech savvy

In an increasingly digital era, it is crucial to integrate the latest tools and technologies in online learning. Our Educators are constantly seeking out the latest trends and technologies in education to enhance our students’ learning and retention.

fluent in various curricula

IVA Educators have years of experience in designing and delivering lessons across various high school curricula – including the American Common Core, Advanced Placement (AP),  British IGCSE, and the International Baccalaureate (IB). 

cross-cultural understanding

Our educators are all fluent in both English and Arabic, and have experience working with top international schools and organizations. They promote cross-cultural understanding among our students, shaping them into global citizens and leaders. 

Meet our Wonderful Educators!

Reem halaoui
Chemistry educator

Having completed my BS in Chemistry at the Lebanese American University of Beirut in 1994, I went on to complete my Teaching Diploma and Masters in Education at the same university much later. Through my extensive career, I have gained substantial knowledge and expertise in educating secondary school students, including the ability to tailor my lessons to your needs. I have a vast experience in the Lebanese National curriculum and the IB MYP and IB DP programs. I am a professional, experienced and conscientious tutor who will go above and beyond to make sure you excel! In my free time I enjoy cooking, biking and swimming, and in the meantime, I am learning Spanish since I moved recently with my family to Barcelona 🙂

Barakat Nasser
Physics educator

I hold an MS degree in Physics, and another is Education with a focus on Educational Technology. I have been a physics teacher and instructor for more than 20 years where I covered different levels and curricula (AP, IB, GCSE, and French Baccalaureate). I worked on developing Physics material for different routines and lately I joined the IVA team where I manage the development of the Physics material. What I consider as my strength is my ability to communicate with students having different backgrounds and develop their critical thinking skills and logical reasoning. I also work my best to change their perspective towards physics, the science of life as I like to think about it. If you need to discover the beauty of physics in life, contact me to discuss how!

Rana Sabbagh
Algebra Educator

I earned a bachelor's degree from Universite Saint Joseph, a Master's degree in Math from the American University of Beirut, and am currently working on my Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction at Saint Louis University, Missouri. I am currently the Whole-School Math Specialist at Keystone Academy, Beijing. Before moving to China, I spent 13 years teaching and coordinating in leading schools in Lebanon. Aside from teaching, I really enjoy traveling, water sports, and running!

Educator Perks

Why work with us?

Grow your network

IVA brings together educators, organizations, students, schools, and parents in a growing online community – allowing you to expand your professional circle. You don’t have to be on our team to join our community for free!

gain e-learning experience

Technology is likely to play an increasing role in all forms of education. IVA enables our educators to hone their virtual teaching skills on a dedicated platform.

Develop your pedagogy

Within our defined curriculum structure educators have the freedom to bring the materials and lesson to life through advanced software tools.

work from any where/time

Whether full time, part time or hourly paid our educators are drawn from across the globe. Your time zone is not a barrier to become an IVA educator.

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