Welcome, Parents

The love for knowledge is instilled in the heart, starting at home

Parents are our

partners in teaching

Learning is effective most when it becomes a joint effort between student, educator, and parent.

IDRAK Virtual Academy (IVA) is a safe online learning platform. It’s a community for learning powered by students, supported by our expert educators and fully accessible to parents. We’ve built it in a way that fully supports this partnership triangle, which we believe is the key to maximizing the love for learning. 

Student Progress

With IVA offering the ability for self-study we feel it is important for parents to know how the student is progressing with each of the various courses they are studying. Our parent portal provides a live status of percentage completion.

Student Performance

Our educators use a range of techniques to measure understanding, progress and attainment. Our parent portal provides easy access to these results and supports each element of our partnership triangle to target future areas of study and focus.

Flexible Subscriptions

IVA has been designed to reflect the individuality of all students. Whether needing some support on a particular topic, cramming for an exam, or just getting ahead of the game our subscriptions provide flexible and affordable access.

Financial Control

IVA places the parents fully in control of a student’s expenditure meaning that you won’t face unexpected bills or charges. Alongside our flexible subscriptions we offer a “top-up” model enabling parents to provide students with a balance for use to access additional private sessions.

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