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Dedicated to empowering and excelling young talents

Our Parent Company

IDRAK Training and Consultancy

IDRAK was founded in 2017 with the intention of raising educational and training standards in Kuwait. We are a small, family-run company that is partnered with the best in the business to deliver high-quality educational consulting and professional development.

We are proud of our prestigious client profile – which includes companies such as NBK, KDD, Boubyan, STC, KPC, Kipic, and KOC. Our latest project, IDRAK Virtual Academy, focuses on our youth, and how to best prepare them for the professional world.

IDRAK is a subsidiary of Afnan International Holding Group.

Our Clients

Our Story

IDRAK Virtual Academy: A Holistic Student Support Platform

IDRAK Virtual Academy is a homegrown e-learning concept that was created to battle the aftermath in education which resulted from the COVID pandemic in 2020. Kuwait, among other countries in the region, experienced significant delays in returning students to school – thereby setting them back in terms of preparedness for college and beyond. 

IVA is the first learning platform in the region to offer a variety of academic support services as well as career planning and self-development tools for high school students. We want to shape future leaders who can positively impact our planet by teaching beyond the classroom and supporting our students on their growth journey and self-discovery. While learning agility is our priority, we also focus on nurturing other important leadership qualities and skills such as integrity, delegation, self-awareness, empathy, communication, and respect. Learn more about how we’re shaping future leaders through the HiPo Student Program


To become a leading e-learning platform that extends beyond the classroom to support high school students through their journey towards college, career, and personal growth.


To empower young talents and prepare future generations for global leadership and success in an increasingly competitive and specialized job market.

Mission Pillars

Learning Agility

We ensure that the IVA community and students are taught by a team of subject matter experts who can create highly tailored study plans based on individual needs. Learn more about our Student Development Plan.
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community building

We enable networking and social skills development among ambitious high school students who can inspire each other to build a better and sustainable future. Learn more about the social features of IVA.
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Self empowerment

We help students become future leaders by teaching them how to take charge of their own academic success and career planning using the growth mindset. Learn more about the HiPo Student Program.
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innovative thinking

We promote the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Maths) mindset to enhance students' cognitive and creative skills. Click the button below to learn more about STEAM Education.
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Our Philosophy

“Learning Through Understanding”

We believe that you can learn anything by building a deep, solid understanding of the basics. Our educational approach focuses on establishing strong foundation of knowledge upon which our students can pursue advanced courses and degrees. 

Our goal is to help students understand, not memorize, the basic concepts in math and the sciences upon which complex applications, technologies, and inventions are created. 

This will ensure that our students are equipped enough to make positive contributions to the development and sustainability of our planet.  


Our Curriculum

Built in-house to meet international standards

We take great pride in our expert team of educators, who have years of experience in teaching, lesson planning, and curriculum design. 

This is what really sets us apart from the competition. Other tutoring platforms use freelance tutors, which means weak screening processes and inconsistent quality in education. 

We on the other hand have screened, selected, and hired the best in the business to be part of IVA’s team full time. Quality of education and consistency are our top priority. 

Under our educators’ expert guidance, we were able to develop and deliver the Common Core Curriculum through our Self Study Courses for Algebra, Physics, and Chemistry. Self Study Courses are geared towards students who would rather learn on their own time, at their own pace. Our Self Study Subscription gives students unlimited access to a growing library of high-quality study material. 

If you’re not in an American schooling system, not to worry! Our educators speak a ‘universal language’ in academia and can deliver various types of educational curricula, including the International Baccalaureate (IB) and IGCSE, through online private tutoring sessions

Meet the IVA Team

The Faces Behind Our Success

Nada ElGhossein

Nada ElGhossein

Education and Training Director

Dalal Aljassim

Strategic Planner

Mubarak Aljassim


Laith Alkhalaf

Development Leader

ICS Programmers and developers