IVAMUN is the very first MUN conference run by IDRAK Virtual Academies(IVA’s) High Potential Student Program(HiPo). This conference is taking place from May 19th to May 20th at the IDRAK training center with the conference going from 10am-6pm on each day. A bus will be taking us to the closing ceremony at Kuwait Technical College (k-Tech). We hope to see you there!

IVAMUN: Diplomacy in the Face of Conflict

Diplomacy in the face of conflict. This theme was picked to contrast our current time of great conflict where diplomacy was not emphasized enough. Diplomacy requires patience, understanding, and the ability to empathize with the other side. It requires the willingness to listen and communicate, even when the other party’s views and beliefs differ from your own. It demands respect for cultural differences, and the ability to find common ground despite these differences. In the face of conflict, diplomacy can be a challenging task, but it is necessary. It has the power to transform hostile relationships into peaceful ones. Diplomacy can bring about economic development, stability, and prosperity for nations. Which is why we encourage all delegates to adhere to this theme and maintain the utmost respect for all fellow delegations.

Delegate sign-up's open until may 17th!

Conference Schedule

Conferance Agenda 2023

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IVA MUN Secretary General Message

Khalil Chaghouri

I am looking forward to welcoming you all at IVA MUN, let’s make the most out of this opportunity! I am Khalil Chaghouri a rising Junior at ASK. MUN conferences have always been a fascinating mashup of different points of view and opinions and I can’t wait for all of you to be a part of that in this event.


Arwa AlSahli

Hello! My name is Arwa Al-Sahli and I am so thrilled to be chairing the Human Rights Council at IVAMUN. I am in my junior year of high school at ACA Girls Hawally, and IVAMUN will be my 12th conference. Outside of MUN I have a passion for music, playing the piano, and other countless hobbies and interests. If you need any help from me, whether it be resolution writing or policy speeches, please don’t hesitate to contact me at 4017alsahli@gmail.com. Thank you and see you all soon. Let’s make IVAMUN an unforgettable experience!

Nourhan Beirkdar

My name is Nourhan Beirkdar and I am a junior at Al Bayan Billingual School. I have been in MUN for 3 years, and I am looking forward to chairing.

EJ Kang

“The Outsider- Albert Camus”

Yousel AlOthman

Hi ! My name is Yousef Al-Othman I am so excited to be chairing for the first time in human rights I am in my senior year of high school at ACA boys Hawally, and IVAMUN will be my 8th conference. Outside of MUN I have a passion for poetry music ,and many other interests. A Little fun fact about me is I am a vegan. If you need any help from me I am always here as I hope to make my commission a safe space for all!


Jana Kriez

Hello, I’m Jana Kriez!

I’m the Vice Chair of the MEC (Middle East Committee) and I’m Syrian-Canadian! I’m a sixteen-year-old self-published author and streetwear brand owner as well as the founder of a students international podcast with fifty members ranging from across the world! I have a huge passion for writing and painting and I love playing Volley. My ambition is to pursue law and politics in the near future, and I’m excited that MUN offers an environment to allow me to enhance my skills. Looking forward to meeting you delegates!

Ibraheem Malallah

Hello dear delegates, I am Ibrahim Malallah your Co-chair for the next two days of this MUN.All I really need to say is that I like Weezer and that’s pretty much it.

Jabari Louis


As-salamu alaikum, my name is Jabari Louis and I am excited to be here as a chair for IVAMUN. GA, as I was once in your shoes as a new delegate, you will soon be in mine, rising through the ranks and being the best you can be. You’ll all get there in no time, because you have the best teacher in the world as your main chair :). I have just completed my third year in MUN and this will have been my fifteenth conference with IVAMUN marking my second conference chairing experience. I am very excited to reprise my role as a chair in a conference such as this. I’m sure you all will be great, and I hope y’all enjoy GA, because we worked to make sure that you all have a great conference, and an even better experience. This has been ya boy Jabari, I’ll see you at the conference.

Anadel AlRashed

Hello! My name is Anadel AlRashed and will chair the Security Council! This is my tenth conference and can’t wait to chair you all. Something about me is that I love playing the guitar and I love space!

Evana Chaghouri

Hello! I am Evana Chaghouri a 9th grader at ASK. I have been in MUN club since middle school. Looking forward to chairing the GA committee at IVA-MUN and I hope the experience will be enjoyable to all of us!

Abdulrahman Abuloghod

Hi, my name is Abdulrahman Abuloghod, I’m a tenth-grade student at BBS, and I’m very excited to meet all of you!

Haya Odeh

Hi, my name is Haya Odeh and I am the main chair of SC. I’m 14 years old and in year 9. My hobbies are music, astronomy, and of course, MUN! I look forward to meeting you and having exciting debates!

Jamal AlHajeri

Hello, my name is Jamal Al Hajeri, a sophomore in BBS, and i’m going to be the head chair in MEC. Good luck all!

Hasan AlFeeli

My name is Hasan Al Feeli and I will be co-chair in Security Council. I’m 14 years old, in year 9 and go to BSK.

I’m into History, philosophy (mainly political philosophy though), sociology, religion, and basically any of the other humanities.

My favourite artists at the moment are Lana del Rey and Fairuz.

Faisal AlQatami

Hello, I am Faisal Al Qatami, a sophomore at Al-Bayan Bilingual School (BBS) and I will be the main chair of the IMF commission. I cant wait to meet all the delegates!